This blog is:

This blog is:
A living sketch book for the ideas generated during our Creative Halton Project in 2011. On this blog you will get to see the ideas as they pop up and see where the inspiration has come from. These are the ideas of the artists Beth Barlow and Jason Sheppard, informed by those we have spoken to. It has also grown to include the ideas sent to us by local residents . If you want to contribute please e mail

This blog is not:
A finished product. Many of the ideas here will be tested and seen to be the wrong for the place, time and its people. We hope that the ideas we take forward will be the correct ones, giving Runcorn a taste of its rich past, the positives in its present and notions about its future.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Shop Tuesday 17th

We will be in the shop tomorrow, cutting up bits and making the main structure for the sculpture. We also have a meeting with Lilian from a local drama group and are staring on local radio in the afternoon (92.3fm). Come along and view us through our window but remember don't tap on the glass, the monkeys don't like it.

"Hey Mr, Give Us our Ball Back"

Poem for the 1939 ball now sadly in the Anfield museum in Liverpool instead of Runcorn

The tears of the famous Runcorn F C 1939 team

Fall heavy as the ghosts of Canal Street.

They have taken away our ball and our memories

Were all those ten thousand local fans cheers in vain

Will we never see our ball again?

Is that great F A Cup day Gone but not forgotten.

Or will all our history fade away to dust.

Is this all that’s left the distant echo of footsteps

That belonged to that great team

As they march down Canal Street and oblivion

By Chris Darlington

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Tank/robot testing

Here is a short clip of Jason and Beth testing our new vehircle. We aim to make it into a shopping basket with various pertruding objects springing from inside the bag. These will be decorated by various groups. The tank will have the camera pearched on the end of the gun turret so we can have more flexability in pointing the camera. click here to see the video clip

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

On Friday 6th May, we'll be editing  'The Keepers of Social History' in the shop's window on the High Street. Pop in for a look and a chat.!/video/video.php?v=10150170053052321&oid=112161558862362&comments

The start on the window.

Beth's a little thirsty

Here is the window on Runcorn's High Street where we'll be using it to draw attention to our project as well as keeping people upto date. It'll change over the coming months. So, here's where my past window cleaning skills come in (I did a stint as a young teenager). Thanks to Helen for organising the use of the shop. Already had interest from passers by.

Window Sketch book

We are currently using the window of 59 High Street Runcorn as a changing sketch book to add the ideas to as they crop up. Thanks to Mark at the Council press offices for these images.