This blog is:

This blog is:
A living sketch book for the ideas generated during our Creative Halton Project in 2011. On this blog you will get to see the ideas as they pop up and see where the inspiration has come from. These are the ideas of the artists Beth Barlow and Jason Sheppard, informed by those we have spoken to. It has also grown to include the ideas sent to us by local residents . If you want to contribute please e mail

This blog is not:
A finished product. Many of the ideas here will be tested and seen to be the wrong for the place, time and its people. We hope that the ideas we take forward will be the correct ones, giving Runcorn a taste of its rich past, the positives in its present and notions about its future.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Dates For Your Dairy (sorry Diary)

We are going to be in the Old Town Garage Shop on the high street on the following dates if you want to pop on to say hello:
Wednesday 29th June
Monday 4th July
Wednesday 13th July

Name our robot

Can you think of a name for our robot? The robot will move around town and go into empty shops. its nosey and has a web cam on it which will show images to the rest of the world via its webcam. If you can post your idea as a comment below.

Having trouble posting e mail

Friday, 17 June 2011

School workshop goes down a storm

The kids from Victoria came today to do the workshop and treasure hunt. It was chaotic but fantastic. Lots of talented kids both in terms of finding things, talking to people, voicing their opinions and making some whacky sculptures. Sculpture pictures still to come but here are a few of the workshop taken by one of the year 6 pupils.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Our new Garage Abode

We got hold of the Old Town Garage for a few days of workshops. Its fantastic inside.

Treasure Hunt

Tomorrow we try out our Runcorn treasure hunt with local school children from Victoria Infants school and on Saturday a group from the YMCA. They are also going to lend a hand at sculpture making in our new garage abode. The boxes will stay around the venues for others to find in the future and are all in places we feel are treasures of Runcorn. We can't tell you were just yet but watch this space and we will let you know about the treasures we have found.

Runcorn past, future hopes

A comment on Runcorn's past by a resident of Runcorn:

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Wonderful volunteers

Its fantastic luck to have found a number of volunteers who are all set to help us with our schools workshop on and YMCA group workshop. Paula and Jenny who are set to help us out are both artists themselves and you can find their work on these sites: