This blog is:

This blog is:
A living sketch book for the ideas generated during our Creative Halton Project in 2011. On this blog you will get to see the ideas as they pop up and see where the inspiration has come from. These are the ideas of the artists Beth Barlow and Jason Sheppard, informed by those we have spoken to. It has also grown to include the ideas sent to us by local residents . If you want to contribute please e mail

This blog is not:
A finished product. Many of the ideas here will be tested and seen to be the wrong for the place, time and its people. We hope that the ideas we take forward will be the correct ones, giving Runcorn a taste of its rich past, the positives in its present and notions about its future.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

YMCA Foyer get involved

We have been lucky enough to get in touch with Kristine Pluger From The YMCA Foyer. A group from the ymca will be helping us with the sculpture and treasure hunt on Saturday the 18th June. They have already done a heritage project and Kristine sent us these details of the project:

Halton YMCA Heritage Project

A small consultation took place with the Residents of the Halton YMCA.

In total, fifteen residents filled in questionnaires relating to the Manchester ship-canal docks and its heritage. There were asked about their own family history and what they knew of the Runcorn area and if they would like to research this further, learn more and/or work on a project of this type.

Residents were also involved in choosing a name for the project. This was done by discussing and exchanging different ideas, discussing the themes from the questionnaire and choosing something ‘catchy’. This therefore promoted ownership of the project to our residents.

Some of our residents were able to trace some of their family history back to a time when they had older relations who had actually carried out work on these docks.

Residents showed great interest in this project especially looking at their own family history.

Heritage Questionnaire

The following questionnaires were handed out at a recent publicity event at Halton Lea Shopping Centre in Runcorn.

We managed to ask a select few people to fill this questionnaire in however we would like to take this further a field and ask residents of local hostels, young people in the area and the local community groups to complete this questionnaire to obtain a more varied result and a good cross section of the community.

There was a positive interest in favour of the proposed heritage room and even people from out of the area took an interest and would like to know more about their own family history and if this links in with the heritage of Runcorn docks.

More info on this to follow soon.

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