This blog is:

This blog is:
A living sketch book for the ideas generated during our Creative Halton Project in 2011. On this blog you will get to see the ideas as they pop up and see where the inspiration has come from. These are the ideas of the artists Beth Barlow and Jason Sheppard, informed by those we have spoken to. It has also grown to include the ideas sent to us by local residents . If you want to contribute please e mail

This blog is not:
A finished product. Many of the ideas here will be tested and seen to be the wrong for the place, time and its people. We hope that the ideas we take forward will be the correct ones, giving Runcorn a taste of its rich past, the positives in its present and notions about its future.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Time and place for Saturday

Our Saturday event will start with a parade of ghostly characters from The Curiosity Book Shop at 1pm. We will then process along Regents Street, Church Street, and onto High Street. The main event will happen between 1.30-3.30pm at what used to be The Old Town Garage on the high Street. Come along whenever you like between these times.

Here you can have the chance to find a collection of ghostly character and see their stories via a live web cam. You can be in charge of operating the remote controlled web cam robot to find the characters waiting in the old garage. The films of the characters will be projected for everybody passing by to see. There will also be chance to discuss the past and future and activities to get involved in.

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